Performance improvement and corporate management

If your company needs

  • Have a thorough survey of its information, with processes reorganization and diagnosis of needs to support performance improvement
  • Develop and implement control and clear quality information sharing environments, to be presented in a friendly and clear manner, improving synergy and results
  • Rely on experienced professionals throughout the process, immersed in the company’s reality, controlling and performing improvement actions
  • Rely on analyses guided by the increase and improvement of profitability, but able to find opportunities to improve business in all operational and management areas

Check our services

  • Valuation
  • Impairment Test
  • Interim co-management focusing on increasing profitability
  • Advisory in management and/or restructuring of costs and expenses
  • Advisory in the search for increased revenues
  • Structuring of controls for measuring business performance (Control Panels/Business Intelligence – BI)
  • Advisory in the preparation and implementation of strategic planning and budget plan
  • Advisory in the implementation of the business plan
  • Advisory in the structuring of cash flows
  • Analysis and review of organizational structure
  • Advisory in the structuring of performance evaluation and variable compensation of executives